Viera Bielikova

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  • Experience:

    22 Years


Viera Bieliková is the founder and CEO of PREFIS joint stock company, established in 1996.

Her vision to bring information and services to regional financial markets, which had just emerged from a regulated regime, was only the beginning of the company’s journey. Under her leadership, the company has evolved into a boutique Treasury consulting business with a worldwide presence.

In 1997 Viera successfully negotiated an agreement with PREFIS’ first exclusive regional partner, the financial market data provider Telerate, Inc. This partnership brought the first internet platform with real-time financial market data to a broad range of regional market players and companies.

In 2001 Viera achieved another breakthrough when PREFIS became a certified partner of the Swedish company TREMA (renamed Wall Street Systems in 2006). TREMA was one of the global market leaders in the area of developing treasury management systems. Since that time the PREFIS team has proven its expertise in more than 70 Wallstreet treasury system implementations in central banks, debt management agencies, multinational corporations and financial institutions all over the world.

Viera is passionate about managing her PREFIS teams. She is a true leader who drives the culture, values and behavior of her business, creates and controls the direction of the company and shares her extensive knowledge with everyone in the company. Although both Finance and IT are considered primarily a man’s world, Viera has been able to build a successful growing company with the unique business approach of a woman.

Her passions are travelling, mountain climbing and dancing.

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