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    for Wallstreet Suite Clients

Solutions for WSS Clients

Our tailor made solutions are designed especially for Wallstreet Suite system(ION Group) clients. These stand-alone solutions are ready to be implemented independently to any WSS version.


System for Migration, Automation and Regression Testing: A powerful solution to support your Wallstreet Suite data migration and testing processes by allowing their partial or full-scale automation


  • "Swiss-army knife" for all your WSS data automation and migration
  • Bulk insert, update, delete of static data, transactions, books & layouts and other WSS entities
  • No scripting — define all your data in common spreadsheet files
  • Import, export, migration of data between WSS environments, versions
  • Regression testing — automatically run test scenarios in WSS, collect actual results, compare with expected results and prepare evaluation reports in one go
  • Versatile and feature-packed — insert structured transactions (repo, IRS, etc.) from a spreadsheet; modify static data (including subentities) and move in SDM flow; test impact of individual transactions on limit monitor figures; apply rounding and tolerances when comparing expected and actual results and many more useful features
  • High performance — tested on datasets with > 10,000 transactions in one sheet

Solution Benefits — Advantages for You

  • Unique automated test solution
  • Documentation and training available
  • Modern GUI and automated or scheduled batch runs available
  • Active development — new features are added on a regular schedule; bugs squashed as discovered


Independent integration

Plug & play integration of WSS with Bloomberg (FX, FI, EMSX), MTS Bond, IPREO, EUREX, MarkitWire


  • High modularity, configurable data flow, flexible data transformation
  • Platform-independent with unique focus on financial systems
  • Efficient data transfer including consolidated monitoring and event logs
  • iHUB allows development of interfaces which communicate by web-service protocols such as SOAP or REST

Solution Benefits — Advantages for You

  • Single system for maintenance of all interfaces, monitoring. All common requirements are covered from one integration platform
  • The implementation of any proprietary interface is quick, simple & cost effective
  • The system is equipped with a monitoring console, where users may check the status of the interfaces, view the logs, turn on/off individual interfaces, etc.
  • iHUB can be used for single interface or as a unified platform for integration with all third-party systems
  • Native support of various protocols such as MQ series, TOF, FTP/SFTP, e-mails, REST API, Web services, FIX and many more


SWIFT Matching

Real-time, fully automated SWIFT confirmation
matching solution, tightly integrated with Wallstreet Suite system


  • Automatic as well as manual confirmation matching for SWIFT confirmations received from counterparties against confirmations sent from Wallstreet Suite
  • User configurable matching criteria
  • Matched confirmations automatically triggers actions in the flow to allow straight-through processing
  • Solution suggests the best candidates for unmatched confirmations in order to make manual matching more convenient

Solution Benefits — Advantages for You

  • sMATCH supports automated STP. It can automatically perform user actions such as releasing payments, moving transactions in the flow, setting statuses, etc.
  • New processes, products or other business requirements are implemented using user GUI; no programming is needed
  • During the support period we guarantee compatibility with customer’s versions of Wallstreet Suite
  • Operational cost and risk reduction



Data Anonymization solution for Wallstreet Suite system

Supported database platforms: Oracle, MSSQL. Tool configuration: fully integrated into WSS Application Manager (user-friendly editor)


  • User-friendly process for data anonymization
  • Optional different scrambling types
  • Contains "factory" profiles for anonymization of sensitive data
  • 2 functional modules: Anonymization, Purging

Anonymization module:

  • Designed to anonymize static data
  • 2 anonymization modes available: randomizer and sequencer
  • Anonymization is done via direct table update ignoring constraints and dependencies
  • Total or partial table anonymization is supported (using WHERE criteria)
  • Automatic update of underlying log tables is supported if required

Purging module:

  • Designed to purge dynamic data (e.g. transactions, messages)
  • Total or partial table purging is supported (using WHERE criteria)
  • Automatic purging of underlying log tables if required

Solution Benefits — Advantages for You

  • Protect data privacy
  • Reduces the likelihood of misuse of sensitive data by insiders and thereby the chance of litigation, especially when data are used in nonproduction environments.
  • Increases adherence to data privacy laws and reduces fines that may arise out of any misuse of personal data
  • Corporate customers increasingly risk losing insurance if they do not have a data security and privacy policy in place. By providing evidence of data security and privacy policy adherence, properly-implemented data anonymization may reduce insurance premiums when insuring against data risks to the business.

PDF Archive

Document Management

Solution for archiving and retrieving all PDF documents generated by WSS system


  • Saving of sent PDF documents into the database automatically at the time of processing
  • User Interface with Searching, Viewing and Sending of documents features
  • Saving of information about the document together with the document
  • User-friendly search of archived documents

Solution Benefits — Advantages for You

● Archive and retrieve back documents in PDF format

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