Solutions for WSS Clients

Our tailor made solutions are designed especially for Wallstreet Suite system(ION Group) clients. These stand-alone solutions are ready to be implemented independently to any WSS version.


System for Migration, Automation and Regression Testing: A powerful solution to support your Wallstreet Suite data migration and testing processes by allowing their partial or full-scale automation


  • Comprehensive WSS Data Automation: Your ultimate solution for WSS data automation and migration.
  • Efficient Bulk Operations: Perform bulk insert, update, and delete of various WSS entities effortlessly.
  • Streamlined Data Management: Define data in common spreadsheet files without the need for scripting.
  • Seamless Data Handling: Import, export, and migrate data between WSS environments and versions seamlessly.
  • Automated Regression Testing: Automatically execute test scenarios, compare results, and generate evaluation reports in one streamlined process.
  • Feature-Rich Functionality: Enjoy versatile features such as structured transaction insertion, static data modification, and impact testing.
  • High-Performance Guarantee: Tested on datasets exceeding 10,000 transactions with optimal performance.

Benefits from usage

  • Cutting-Edge Automated Testing: Experience our unique automated test solution.
  • Comprehensive Support: Access documentation and training resources.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a modern GUI with options for automated or scheduled batch runs.
  • Continuous Improvement: Benefit from active development, with new features regularly added and bugs promptly addressed.


Plug & play integration of WSS with Bloomberg (FX, FI, EMSX), MTS Bond, IPREO, EUREX, MarkitWire and more


  • High modularity, configurable data flow, flexible data transformation

  • Platform-independent with unique focus on financial systems

  • Efficient data transfer including consolidated monitoring and event logs

  • iHUB allows development of interfaces which communicate by web-service protocols such as SOAP or REST

Benefits from usage

  • Single system for maintenance of all interfaces, monitoring. All common requirements are covered from one integration platform

  • The implementation of any proprietary interface is quick, simple & cost effective

  • The system is equipped with a monitoring console, where users may check the status of the interfaces, view the logs, turn on/off individual interfaces, etc.

  • iHUB can be used for single interface or as a unified platform for integration with all third-party systems

  • Native support of various protocols such as MQ series, TOF, FTP/SFTP, e-mails, REST API, Web services, FIX and many more


SWIFT Matching

Real-time, fully automated SWIFT confirmation

matching solution, tightly integrated with Wallstreet Suite system


  • Automatic as well as manual confirmation matching for SWIFT confirmations received from counterparties against confirmations sent from Wallstreet Suite

  • User configurable matching criteria

  • Matched confirmations automatically triggers actions in the flow to allow straight-through processing

  • Solution suggests the best candidates for unmatched confirmations in order to make manual matching more convenient

Benefits from usage

  • sMATCH supports automated STP. It can automatically perform user actions such as releasing payments, moving transactions in the flow, setting statuses, etc.

  • New processes, products or other business requirements are implemented using user GUI; no programming is needed

  • During the support period we guarantee compatibility with customer’s versions of Wallstreet Suite

  • Operational cost and risk reduction


Data Anonymization solution for Wallstreet Suite system
Supported database platforms: Oracle, MSSQL. Tool configuration: fully integrated into WSS Application Manager (user-friendly editor)


  • User-friendly process for data anonymization

  • Optional different scrambling types

  • Contains „factory“ profiles for anonymization of sensitive data

  • 2 functional modules:Anonymization, Purging

  • Anonymization module:
  • Designed to anonymize static data
  • 2 anonymization modes available: randomizer and sequencer
  • Anonymization is done via direct table update ignoring constraints and dependencies
  • Total or partial table anonymization is supported (using WHERE criteria)
  • Automatic update of underlying log tables is supported if required

  • Purging module:
  • Designed to purge dynamic data (e.g. transactions, messages)
  • Total or partial table purging is supported (using WHERE criteria)
  • Automatic purging of underlying log tables if required

Benefits from usage

  • Protect data privacy

  • Reduces the likelihood of misuse of sensitive data by insiders and thereby the chance of litigation, especially when data are used in nonproduction environments.

  • Increases adherence to data privacy laws and reduces fines that may arise out of any misuse of personal data

  • Corporate customers increasingly risk losing insurance if they do not have a data security and privacy policy in place. By providing evidence of data security and privacy policy adherence, properly-implemented data anonymization may reduce insurance premiums when insuring against data risks to the business.

PDF Archive

Solution for archiving and retrieving all PDF documents generated by WSS system


  • Saving of sent PDF documents into the database automatically at the time of processing

  • User Interface with Searching, Viewing and Sending of documents features

  • Saving of information about the document together with the document

  • User-friendly search of archived documents

Benefits from usage

  • Archive and retrieve back documents in PDF format