PREFIS Case Study: WSS upgrade in commercial bank

As the only certified Wall Street System Expert and Upgrade Partner since 2001, PREFIS provides a full range of benchmark solutions to do with full implementation, upgrades and ongoing support of Wallstreet Suite, ION’s treasury and risk management system.

We have helped many central banks, financial institutions and corporations from across the globe to successfully and efficiently implement and manage their Wallstreet Suite needs every step of the way with our suite of turnkey technical solutions.

Most recently, PREFIS worked client-side for a leading global commercial bank on its Wallstreet Suite upgrade implementation.

The client’s needs

This commercial bank required a Wallstreet Suite upgrade from version 6.5 to 7.4. After a previous upgrade attempt that failed, the client enlisted the unrivalled experience and knowhow of PREFIS to oversee and accelerate an optimized outcome.

The process took a total of 12 months as well as one month of post-launch daily support. PREFIS’s role was to provide central client-side support for a successful, smooth upgrade.

The PREFIS solution

PREFIS prepared and coordinated product testing on the client-side, including unit testing and user acceptance testing. This preparation included Client Testing Conditions consolidation, helping to revalidate project scope and identify any early-stage gaps.

We carried out a thorough, detailed troubleshooting procedure to test all functionalities as well as rigorous quality assurance regarding the vendor’s deliveries. Early identification of issues resulted in superior quality of the final deliverable.

10 steps to upgrade success: the PREFIS standard

We worked in tandem with our client on every single upgrade requirement, an incredibly complex myriad of needs that combine to form the overall implementation. Among these tasks are the following ten fundamental procedures.

  1. Pre-project workshops with different stakeholders to understand different participant department expectations
  2. Early-stage project gap identification
  3. Vendor prototype preparation validation and unit testing of Wallstreet Suite functionalities
  4. Improved deliverable standard requests after quality assurance steps on behalf of the client
  5. Data conversion strategy based on data migration exercises
  6. Bug resolution test coordination, facilitating communication between Wallstreet Suite and the client
  7. User acceptance testing strategy and scenario preparation
  8. Primary go-live and post-launch support
  9. Project kick-off preparation and management of information gathering from users
  10. Future improvement suggestions for the optimization of existing processes

Achieving an outstanding result

With PREFIS by its side, this client was able to realize total upgrade success. Among the main outcomes, we achieved:

• Successful overall system upgrade and go-live launch
• Improved communication between Wallstreet Suite and the client
• Enhanced system understanding for all users

Why did this commercial bank choose PREFIS?

This client turned to PREFIS after a previous, costly upgrade attempt that was unsuccessful. It highlighted three main plus-points that PREFIS offered:

  1. The company’s exceptional level of first-hand experience with and knowledge of Wallstreet Suite implementations and support for banks and central banks, dating back to 2001
  2. Specific practical real-world experience working client-side with banks of a similar profile
  3. A client-centric, solutions-focused service, at both macro and micro levels, addressing all of the vast complexities that Wallstreet Suite upgrades entail

Upgrade smoothly with PREFIS

PREFIS offers an unrivalled service as Wallstreet Suite’s only Certified Expert and Upgrade Partner. We will help you with minor or major system upgrades, security patch updates, as well as with all other technical needs, including interface upgrades, transaction migration and reconciliation, and testing assistance.

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