Achieve Outstanding Wallstreet Suite Project Success with PREFIS

PREFIS recently successfully executed a number of Wallstreet Suite projects for one of the most globally prominent European financial institutions, throughout 2018 and 2019. These projects include Continuous Limit Settlement (CLS) migration, Cross-border Correspondent Bank (CCB) migration, and Standard Settlement Instruction (SSI) review and optimization.

Executing Wallstreet Suite projects for enhanced results

The projects that PREFIS performed for this client are CLS and CCB migrations, floating cashflow verification, SSI review and production support. The client required that all of these projects be completed within short timeframes.

PREFIS achieved kick-off to finish completion for CLS migration and floating cashflow verification inside a five-month period and CLS migration within four months. Production support and SSI reviews and optimization are carried out in an ongoing capacity.

“We are delighted with what the PREFIS team has achieved for us, particularly given the tight turnaround times for all of the projects they worked on. Our Wallstreet Suite setup is totally optimized now and we look forward to continuing to avail of PREFIS’ expertise, knowledge and experience moving forward.”

The specifics of CLS migration with PREFIS (April – July 2018)

PREFIS carried out the following steps as part of CLS migration for this leading client:

  • Analysis of the current set-up
  • Analysis of new requirements
  • Design of the new solution
  • Business specification
  • New setup documentation
  • Coordination of the UAT
  • Coordination of GO-LIVE deployment
  • Production support

This was all undertaken and executed within a five-month timeframe as requested by the client.

The specifics of floating cashflow verification with PREFIS (August – December 2018)

PREFIS worked on each of the following steps as part of the successful floating cashflow verification for the client:

  1. Gathering client requirements
  2. Analysis of the current verification process using external tools (excel)
  3. Design of the new solution using WSS environment
  4. Business specification documenting
  5. Unit-testing
  6. UAT coordination
  7. GO-LIVE deployment coordination
  8. Production support

For this project, the client wanted a design of a new WSS application GUI for users, where they could check and verify the correctness of fixing provided on floating cashflows. This objective was achieved completely. The required process was not supported by the standard WSS applications, necessitating a whole new design of a GUI and CSD proposal from scratch.

The specifics of CCB migration with PREFIS (January – May 2019)

CCB migration for the client involved the following tasks:

  • Full inspection and evaluation of the serving system
  • Assessment of the new objectives
  • Plan of action development to achieve the objectives before deadline
  • Documentation creation for the all-new set-up
  • UAT organization
  • GO-LIVE launch management
  • Supporting production in an ongoing capacity

With regard to CCB migration for GBP and TRY, setup adjustment was required to ensure that the process uses new bank accounts for both, due to the change of the ‘cross boarder correspondent bank’. PREFIS had to identify all specific client set-ups and processes which stood to be affected by any changes.

The specifics of SSI review and optimization with PREFIS (Since June 2019)

In recent years, SSI setup has become very complex, with numerous inconsistencies that have made maintenance highly time-consuming. The purpose of an SSI review and optimization is to analyse the current SSI setup and propose the optimized set-up, that can be maintained easily by a back-office department.

With PREFIS as their Wallstreet Suite partner this client was able to achieve outstanding SSI review and optimization results. Main steps included:

  1. Analysis of the current set-up
  2. Design of an optimized set-up
  3. Business specification
  4. Unit-testing
  5. UAT coordination
  6. Production support

PREFIS was able to streamline SSI set-ups and provide back-office with a much more convenient means with which to manage them.

Upgrade to exceptional Wallstreet Suite project execution with PREFIS: what we offer

PREFIS is highly experienced with Wallstreet Suite projects. We can help you by getting to the very root of your issues from the outset, before designing a carefully structured execution plan with WSS standard or CSD tools.

We offer a truly professional service, with only the most skilled and adaptable consultants. Moreover, PREFIS is a specialist in executing client wishes to an optimized degree on time for every single project. Our unrivalled efficiency enables our clients’ internal employees to focus on their daily routine while we at PREFIS focus on set-up design in line with your specific business requirements.

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