Jan Vrbjar

  • Occupation:

    Director of Professional Services

  • Experience:

    10 Years


Jan joined PREFIS in 2003 in sales and customer support relating to financial market data provider Telerate, Inc.

Later, he transitioned to a business consultant for TREMA FinanceKit Treasury Management System. Jan focused his career toward management of project and support teams.

While operating as a business consultant, he was involved in several successful implementations of Wallstreet Suite Treasury Management System for large financial institutions, central banks and global corporations.
In these positions, he gained experiences not only from treasury management system implementations and various areas of financial management, but also from leading teams and negotiating with clients.

Since 2018, Jan has been PREFIS’ Director of Professional Services Team, responsible for implementations and upgrades of treasury, risk and liquidity management systems.

Jan has advanced communication and negotiation skills, and he devotes special efforts to building relationships with his subordinates. This allows him to communicate effectively and to find the right motivation and goals to meet the needs of a wide variety of people.

He is a passionate hockey player, loves tourism and mountaineering as well as reading sci-fi books.

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