PREFIS certified for Information Security Management System

Like all of the other necessary business assets, data has to be protected. Dependence on data systems leaves an organization liable to security threats like a breach of confidentiality, hacking and even data loss.
Confidentiality, integrity and availability are the three dimensions of information security that we are very aware of. The framework we implemented, assists organizations in managing and protecting data in order to keep everything as safe and secure as possible at all times.

PREFIS has established and applies
Information Security Management System
International Standards Organization
ISO/IEC 27001:2013

for development, sale, configuration, user and technical support of treasury management software for financial markets trading, risk management, debt management and asset management.

What does this mean for our partners and customers?

We really value the importance of your data and we are also very serious concerning security. You have an assurance that we are operating in a professional manner that highly values security and is compliant with an internationally recognized standard, which has been audited by an accredited third party” told Viera Bielikova, CEO of PREFIS.

This certification also provides additional clarity and assurance that we achieve:

• Systematic identification of Information Security Risks and mitigation
• Establish Business Continuity Plans in case of man-made and natural disasters
• Comply with legal and contractual requirements
• Information Security Methodology

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