Join us, Junior Software Engineer

Junior Software Engineer

(Position still OPEN)

Job description

What you will do

As a programmer, you will independently or as a part of small team, analyze, design and implement small, intermediate and larger tools, modules, systems for our clients in the financial segment. As a junior, you can rely on guidance from highly qualified professionals within the company.

What you can expect

• Python – you are expected to be familiar with python version 2 or 3
• SQL – sometimes, you will have to store and retrieve data in one of the major relational databases (Oracle, MSSQL, Sybase)
• Git – you will work with branches, review merge requests, implement and review unit tests, continuous integration tasks
• Front-End technologies – while some of the tools are on server-side only; some of your work will involve interfacing with a human user, so you will not be surprised by JSON, REST, HTML, JS, VUE, Bootstrap or other web technologies or even wx or similar fat-client technologies.
• Java – not all of the tools are python-based; sometimes you will need to utilize some of the Java-based frameworks and libraries to get the job done
• Javascript
• Windows, Linux, Solaris –these are the platforms our tools are deployed to
• Fast development cycle – sometimes it takes less than a day to bring your code from back-log to real-life by our onsite business consultants
• Learn to work with a major treasury management system – you will gradually learn your way around the instruments of the financial world working with our experienced business analysts and clients worldwide

Job Requirements

Technological skills

• Python

• Java

• Javascript

• Microsoft SQL Server

• Oracle Database

• UNIX / Linux

Language skills

Fluent in English both spoken and written (Other languages are an advantage)

Preferred Education

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in IT related field

Personality requirements and skills

• Good interpersonal skills

• Ability to identify, analyze and solve problems

Previous experience in the following areas is an advantage

Treasury Management Systems:


Why should you join us?

Our team is what we are most proud of, you can be a part of our success story & take advantage of getting a chance to work with the best people in the field for a company that really cares and understands your specific needs. If you are looking for growth and perspective, we are the right door to open. We treat all our people as our most valuable asset, we are opened to discuss your unique needs.